Today we finally managed to break away from editing in the uni basement. We were able to use Sarahs flatmates Mac which had final cut express on it which is sufficient for what we needed to do. It was definitely a better area to work in as I found the bright glare in the uni basement made I and Sarah extremely tired. We were also less distracted by individuals that came in to disrupt us a lot. We were also able to work a lot faster as the internet and the processor was faster compared to the devices at uni. We probably could have finished the edit faster than we are currently if we began editing here originally, however this would have clashed with Sarahas flatmates own coursework.

Todays edit was to complete it to a higher standard and address the feedback that we had during yesterdays interim critique. We made a lot of the shots tighter which made it flow better. Reflecting back, I think the only reason why some people laughed at the tree was the cultural differences and also because it was such a different quirky idea, a lot of people did not know what to expect. We have hopefully solved the whole laughing problem by adding ambient music in the background to set the tone, and we also slowed down the tree movement to make it less “comedic” which is not what we were aiming for.

We also decided that we did not need the stop motion section in the final.I thought it was much more sinister in terms of “we don’t know what happens next” sort of flow. I think it works better because during the critique, nobody bought up what happened next, people can assume their own endings which is a good thing in my opinion as we have left it open for own judgement.

The next we thing we addressed was the syncing of the sound with the visuals. Because we had to tighten the visuals up, some of the sound did not sound right so we had to make everything bang on to get the right feel. We then moved on to colour correcting our short. I found it difficult as the tutorials that we looked into, were not very clear so we had a jolly good time working it out. In the end we only corrected some scenes as we felt that it did not need that much of a change. I think people only thought we needed to colour correct it because the projector in the room gave it a weird green tone to it which is not what we have in the footage.

Editing is now completed and all we need to do is burn it on to disc!


Todays interim critique allowed me and Sarah to view our peers work to see how far everyone were at this stage of finishing. I found some of them truly inspiring and beautiful to watch. Some of them got me extremely emotional which I was surprised. By looking at the rough edits, I found that the drama group of this year were on a higher level as last years when I went to the degree show.

Back on track to our showing and feedback, I felt it could have gone a lot worse despite out audio had not seemed to burn properly so we were not able to set the correct ambiance.  A lot of people liked specific parts of our work which I am proud of, such as the tree costume which I think looked really professional. Our peers also thought that it was shot well and looked cinematic.

The constructive criticism has also been noted so me and Sarah can hopefully fix  the problems tomorrow. We need to consider the sound, and also we need to look at how we can make the stop motion fit in without it looking out of place. We also still need to colour correct our piece and fix certain areas where we found a lot of people had laughed at. (which was not the reaction we were hoping for)

Overall a very good session.

Today we finally added some audio that we found on we thought it would be best to use this website because the University had a link with them which enable us to use their music samples and soundtracks for free. We found a lot of sound effects on there that allowed our film to be projected more realistically.

We also spent today editing the stop motion section of the clip, however we did not have enough space on the hard drive so we were enable to carry on with the edit. We found it very difficult to over come this section because it was out of our hands.  We did not have a spare hard drive so we were unable to burn that bit onto the disc that we were going to use for the interim critique.

Today we spent another large chunk of our lives editing. I’m starting to regret shooting on the jvc because we could have edited at home on other editing software, however I did not want to compromise the quality of it all. We were still stuck on a certain bit where the shots didn’t look right. I personally blame myself as I was the director so all the shots were my ideas. However I finally found a way in which we could crop the footage without losing any quality. This allowed it to be more tighter and I found myself getting chirpier because things were finally going right.

I realized today that I was pretty good at editing because I didn’t mind looking through the footage, and it seemed pleasant to me as I could see everything piece together. This really helped me and Sarah carry on our work. We also finally added some credits in there. It is starting to look professional! All we need to do is tighten everything up, fix sound levels, add sound and colour correct!

We decided  to go in early after thinking about the issues we had yesterday.  We asked fellow students to come in and offer opinions on our film and we used their input by spending hours tightening the shots.  I began looking for music on, but was unsuccessful as it was poorly laid out and didn’t seem to have what we had in mind.  Towards the end of the day I found myself becoming tired of looking at the footage, as the whole process of editing had become quite frustrating.

We decided  to go in early after thinking about the issues we had yesterday.  We asked fellow students to come in and offer opinions on our film and we used their input by spending hours tightening the shots.  I began looking for music on, but was unsuccessful as it was poorly laid out and didn’t seem to have what we had in mind.  Towards the end of the day I found myself becoming tired of looking at the footage, as the whole process of editing had become quite frustrating.

After leaving the editing as late as we could possibly do so, because the new editing suits were closed during the holiday. We needed to use them because we used the JVC 700 cameras to shoot. After more waiting around, we found out that the suits had failed and needed to be repaired. This was a bit crap to be fair, as they were brand new systems that we wanted to edit on, however we also figured out that the basement had macs that had the final cut pro editing software installed on so this was not such a major downfall except they weren’t duel screen surround sound ones that would definitely help when it came to editing our final project.

Today we spent the day importing and separating the good footage from the not so good. We managed to get a nice little rough cut going. I felt that it was really frustrating editing in the basement, with only a few tutorials on how to use final cut, and because we haven’t got the software to practice on, we had to stop start many a time to find some form of tutorial to help us get over problems that we encountered.

Overall, it was fascinating to see all the rushes, but after flicking through them for hours and hours, me and Sarah finally got frustrated and left after sitting down for an agonizing four hours.

Today me and Sarah were finally able to look at the rushes that we filmed.I was very pleased with the outcome. The rushes have a nice cinematic bluey feel over it which I think personally gives it character and it sets the tone that we want (lonely, cold) This has made me feel really excited to edit because looking at the rushes has made me feel like the whole thing is finally coming together.

Today me and Sarah went to Gosford park to shoot a small stop motion sequence. This was for the section where we have vines intertwining Nathans legs where we know that he begins his transformation. The shoot for me was exhausting as I had to take the photographs, and also arrange the vines a fraction at a time. This was a time consuming effort because we had to wait around for the sun to stop bouncing in and out. This could have effected the continuity of the images.

We also had a lot of people asking us what we were doing, and we had a lot of odd looks. However we got over it quickly. I had to work fast because Sarah risked herself to lie on the floor so we could do this segment. I could tell it was uncomfortable for her to wear Nathans clothing and also being on a bed of sharp wooden shavings.

Today we filmed our second shoot which was suppose to be in several locations in Nuneaton. However, we decided to cut time and money by using different areas of the location we were at. I had arranged with Aimee Spiers prior to this date for her help. With Catherine having to travel back and forth constantly,we felt that it was unfair on her so we definately needed extra help with transport. So an extra thankyou to Aimee for helping us set up, transport, and finally for letting her use her house for one of our locations.

The set up was different today, we learnt from yesterdays mistakes of dropping me off first with all the equipment, I couldn’t possibly have set up in time for the shoot. Sarah decided I would be picked up secondly after with Corrine and Lewis. I think this was a better idea as once we got there, Aimee and Sarah had already set up the equipment for the shoot.  However, we did encounter a minor problem in regards to Nathans bag, so it delayed us a tiny bit. It wasn’t a big problem, we used this spare time to set up other shots that did not involved seeing Nathans bag so this did not effect our schedule. I think we worked very well to overcome any problems that we encountered. We acted in such a professional manor that even I was impressed.

We had no problems in this location, maybe just a few nosy neighbours but we encountered worse in yesterdays shoot. We swiftly packed up all the equipment so we could make out way to Nuneaton town center. Our next problem was Aimees car couldn’t start. This got me a bit worried because we needed two cars because we could not leave Lewis and Corrine anywhere on their own, and we couldn’t split them up into different trips either. Luckily Aimees Dad managed to work his magic – so thankyou Mr Spiers!

We originally wanted to show Nathan in a busy shopping center, but because our shoot was scheduled for the Bank Holiday, it meant that Nuneaton was a ghost town. We quickly overcame this and decided that it would be best to shoot in a different location that was slightly busier. We could film anywhere in Nuneaton because we had got consent beforehand. We decided that the bus station was the most busiest area. I think that we made a correct decision because we got some really nice footage from there.

I think that today ran more soothly than yesterdays shoot as we felt comfortable with each other and also we had a change of locations so it made us feel more excited, we also had extra help which made the whole process a lot more quicker and efficient as Aimee is really good at problem solving and suggesting ideas.

Today was the first day of our film shoot, I woke up super early in order to walk to Sarahs house for 7.30am. We were scheduled to set of for 9.00am but I had to dress Rachel up, put the head piece on and apply her make up. I decided that it would be best to make her as pale as possible for a ghastly effect. It was also best to do this indoors so we would not have to deal with things flying around outdoors on location, or encase the weather turned back as it was scheduled to rain that day.

It was decided that Catherine Povey, our designated driver would drive me and Rachel over  first so we could begin to set up. However upon arrival, we figured that the place we were going to set up at was too far for us to leave the equipment alone. Our set up was delayed an hour extra because we had to wait for Corrine and Lewis to get here. I used this hour to touch up on Rachels make up and helped her get into the right state of mind.

During set up, we tried to stay in our roles as much as possible, but I did help with setting up the dolly and tripod so we could began shooting as quick as possible. We thought that it would help if we included everyone by informing them about what we are doing. Lewis seemed very impressed with all the equipment and just how big of a scale everything was. I think this really helped to calm Lewis down as he has not done much work in front of the camera before. Whilst Cat and Sarah set up, I ran through the script and the shot list with the actors so they were fully aware of what the first scene would be.

We decided that it would be best if we ran through each shot first, so we would be able to rehearse everything and also change any awkward shots that looked awkward on camera. I think this concept worked well because we would be able to change everything slightly different in order to get enough footage for post production. This also insured that the actors new exactly what they were doing without having to cram and concentrate to much on everything at once.

I produced the shot list in order to help us edit easier. This helped us a lot as we could see the film build up ourselves. We got through the shots pretty quickly and swiftly in order to remain on schedule because we had only organized the one day of shooting at Hartshill hayes. Our efficiency also helped us to avoid the bad weather.

The first lot of shots were pretty simple to do as it only involved Lewis. He was able to understand and follow my directions with absolute confidence. I think it started getting difficult after Lunchtime when we had to incorporate the tree into the shots. I wanted to create it so you would only be able to see certain parts of the tree to create suspense and the fear of unknown, but there are only so many shots you can do. Rachel also did well to compose herself for the role, she was similar to Kimberly in the way she acted which was a big bonus.

Not everything seemed as whimsical as I play it out to be, we did encounter many problems during our first shoot. I think me and Sarah did do well to overcome all the problems with the help of Catherine Povey. The trouble with shooting outdoors in a public part, during the Easter weekend meant that families were free. There were a lot of loud kids, dogs and randomers walking past, asking us what we were doing every time. Some people even mistook us for the BBC. This meant that we had to stop and start a lot because we did not wanted minimal background noises. I think some shots did have the sound of children in the back, but we can easily remove them during post production.

We also had problems with weather. With it being so cold, Nathans costume only consisted of a thin top. We had to take regular breaks so he would be able to keep warm. It got to the point where he started shivering so we had to change some of the shots in order for him to stay off the wet ground.

We also had minor problems with the tree costume, with the headpiece being mostly made of fake hair, it was difficult for it to hold in the plastic branches in her hair, I was a bit worried with the continuity of the piece, but because it was so blended in, I think you will not be able to notice anything differences. Also, the sleeves for the costume kept slipping off everytime any hefty movements were made but it was nothing a few safety pins couldn’t sort out.

We managed to finish the shoot about 45 minutes earlier, so our efficient behavior had paid off as we all had things to do after the shoot. Catherine Povey  took some final pictures for us for keepsake and finally took Corrine and Lewis back to Coventry whilst me and Sarah packed everything up.

I think Sarah did really well as a camera operator. The footage looked excellent!

More special thankyous to Lewis, Corrine, Rachel and Povey.