During this lecture, we were shown the first of five Obstructions. I think that it was really interesting to see how stylistic Jorgan Leth can create his work by following what appears as simplistic critera yet still produce something as creative as the edit of “The Perfect Human”

Following this, I decided to view the rest of the obstructions that were prescribed to Leth and found that the second piece had to be my favourite because it was so uncomfortable to watch, yet compelling. The obstruction was that Leth had to create this piece in the most unpleasant place, yet not show the place onscreen. Even though he failed this task, because you could still see the place behind a translucent screen, I still think it was amazing because of the sheer uncomfort you can clearly see on Jorgans face and body language.



The other obstructions are…

3) Because Leth failed to complete task 2 perfectly, Von Trier punishes him, telling him to either remake the film in any way he chooses, or redo obstruction 2 in Bombay again. Leth chooses the first option and remakes it in Brussels using split-screen effects.

4) Leth must remake the film as an animation. He does so with the aid of Bob Sabiston, a specialist in rotoscoping, who creates animated versions of shots from the previous films.

5) The fifth obstruction is that Von Trier has already made the fifth version, but it must be credited as Leth’s, and Leth must read a voice-over  narration ostensibly from his own perspective but in fact written by Von Trier.