I have chosen the film ‘Rules of Attraction’ by Roger Avary (2002) as my media object . Films are one of my favourite pastimes and I find that they can be rather expressionist form of craftsmanship. The film contains attributes that I would usually admire, for instance its editing, involvement and a innovative plot. The story is unfolded through each characters point of view and allows the progress of events to render into one another. This can relate to how people in real life view things from different points of perspective.

Personally I believe that events can lead to specific ramifications, and as we learn and develop through each mistake we make, we become more capable of reinforcement and eventually lead down to different paths of living through the choices we make. The film has a complex tone but portrays events in simplistic scenarios which allows us to feel captivated on a “Godly” level. We are put in a position where we can see everything, so it gives us a form of control of who we would rather relate to, or how we would have reacted if we had been put in the characters position. It allows us to question ourselves as a person. People say simplicity is always the best, but I prefer viewing artefacts on different levels so I can understand it completely.

The film is an idealistic approach to show how I would like to produce and direct the films I make in the near future. I would like to inspire people to look for the deeper meaning about underlying issues that flood the inactive minds of youth today. I would like to encourage people to question how they approach their lives. This film also informs others of the style of film that I am interested in, it shows that I enjoy adaptations of novels, varied compositions, fast paced and directive editing, and finally sophisticated satire. All in all, complimenting one another. As a media producer, I would like to create something with impact, something that can exhilarate somebody enough to think it was an memorable experience. I think ‘The Rules of Attraction’ did this for me because it used a state of sensual shock to keep me interested. Nudism and blaspheme were used throughout, but it was not done in an x-rated perverted manner, it followed a witty ironic tone that mocked Hollywood coitus scenes and revealed the truth beneath.

The film shows us diversified views through the love triangle of characters from various backgrounds. (The virgin, The drug dealer & The Bisexual) These portrayals are often stereotyped to help us understand the characters aim, and status in society. The film has broken through using actual stereotypes to let the audience understand the deeper meaning. As we all understand, the wider media market has always followed strict rules and obstructions to label groups of people, in order to formulate a framework. However Avary has clearly broken away from this fictional skeleton and created something avant-garde.