So as I wanted to produce my project around the idea of “Smoking” I really want to make something that will shock or deem unusual for the audience. I want to base this project on a series of edited still images which will hopefully portray the life of a smoker and how smoking can affect someone. I know it seems a bit vague at this point but hopefully my research will help you and I understand my thought processes.

So, how did I get my idea?

For me, living with 2 heavy smokers has been a spectacle for me, EVERYTIME they get up for an advert break I am in complete bemusement and for me, I feel that conciousness shapes  what I am today. So basically, I wanted to do something that I am passionate about, and something that I am aware of and know that I will be able to find sufficient information to inspire me. 

So finally my idea is

Young adult smoking > progression of the effects of smoking > In a short space of time > Through still images.