My main research has been to look at existing advertisements that I have seen. I would like to draw ideas from them and maybe add footage of some of them to help my piece “flow” better and gain a linear constructive narrative.

Here is an advert for the Xbox 360 advert, it involves a new-born baby quickly getting older as he is projected from his Mothers womb to his death-bed. It’s pretty shocking and unusual – Maybe thats why it got banned? I would love to do something similar but I don’t have the power or skills to do so.

This commercial manages to take me back to my childhood when I would often lose my Mum in giant supermarkets. It makes me feel empty and sympathetic to see someone cry. I think the gritty voiceover during the end adds effect to make the primary audience (smokers) feel guilty for taking up such habit.

This one just makes me feel so uncomfortable. I think the close up portrait of her face has a great impact on the commercial and I think I would like to take my photographs in that way.

The graphics on this advert is really interesting and I think I would like to add sections of this to my final edit to help to structure of the piece.


So from this research, I have learnt that Australia have a lot of anti smoking adverts that aim to shock!..