A very nicotine filled lab monkey (Thankyou!) and a packet of cigarettes later I have finally taken all the images I want. So far I have 400 + images to pick from. I doubt I could photoshop that many photos in the time that I have left but I will try to narrow it down.

The shoot went very well, I feel that the bedcover that I had to cut up to create a backdrop was worth it and I feel for once in my life I was able to direct and get the images I wanted. I think that the images have come out very well because of the contrast, and because the lighting picked up the basic lines I needed to start the very long photoshopping process… it only has just dawned on me how much work I have to put into this piece and Im starting to doubt myself because to be fair, Im not amazing at photoshop, I think that the last time I used it was to make a cheesy Birthday card a few months ago. I am just going to rely on an online tutorial to help me. Woop!


Heres just 1/5th of the photos that I have taken before editing =/


I think I may have to narrow it down.