As I am a bit worried about how I am going to edit all these photos. I remember watching a series ages ago (can’t remember what it is called) but it basically had an age morphing software that allowed the parents to see into the future if they carried on feeding their child a particular way. So I thought, maybe I could find the software to see if it would help me with the editing to make it simpler for me thus making my spectacle piece better.

So…I came across this website –

When reading some specifics on the site, I thought I had found the holy grail! So there I was, uploading a test picture when I discovered it was probably the biggest waste of time so far.

Here are the steps I went through >

Once uploaded it then told me to crop the face out.

and position the green shapes onto his eyes and mouth – so far so good.

Then, I had to select how I wanted to “morph” the image. I picked “baby” because I thought it would be even better to make a baby smoke because it would offer a bigger impact

I was wrong – at this point, I thought “Ive just wasted my time – what a crock of sh*t”

Lesson learnt – Do not try to find shortcuts – they never work.

Here are some other examples from this software.

Child>Young adult> Old adult> drunk