watch me fall

“Further, higher, faster – there was a time when the sky was not the limit. A time when you could land a man on the moon. A time when Evel Knievel, the daredevil stuntman, flew on his motorbike like Icarus and who, when he fell in a heap of broken bones, got right up (well, after 29 days in a coma) and did it again. He was a real he-man – an all-American hero.”

It was suggested that we should go see this, I haven’t been to many theatre performances so I was really excited to see it. I tried to go in with an open mind but found myself thinking, wow wouldnt it be great to witness some amazing dare-devil tricks. When we all clambered into the theatre,  I found myself feeling strangely bizarre as the black room was set out in 3 main sections. In the center there were the 2 performers  and either side was a space for the audience to watch in complete awe.

I found this performance humorous and amazing; to see such a dramatic performance made with just a few bottles of coke, a ramp and a helmet. We were given camera when we went into the theatre and I noticed that people would take pictures of the main events that stood out to them the most. This was interesting because it shows what other people found spectacular. It reminds us that there is always a time to record these special events no matter what format- photos, film or memory.

Unusual it was.

“It’s not the jump, it’s the showmanship surrounding it that is the spectacle here, one that draws on the iconography of myth, violence, religion and soft porn.” – Lyn Gardner