I really enjoyed this workshop because we looked at the power of words. Words are so powerful that they can evoke all kinds of emotions depending on their background.

Words can be used to change a person’s vision on life, they are able to empower people.

Words are being used to:

Invoke compassion and pity, fear and guilt

Exploit love and loyalty

Defeat with ridicule and humiliation

Manipulate needs, desires and beliefs

Obfuscate, misdirect and much more

It was really interesting to see the which words were the most important to people and I was surprised that some of the words kept appearing again and again, many linked to family and love.

My words were FAMILY, LOVE & NO. I think this says a lot about me, I think I am very family orientated due to my culture and I think I am a pretty emotional person. I think that  saying “No” is good sometimes because I personally think that being able to turn down something and only wanting the best is probably the best policy. Maybe Im not “living” enough by saying “Yes” all the time. Who knows?

SO, this excercise got me thinking about what I wanted to do for my next article. I think that there are SO many links to power that I found it very hard to think deep into the real meaning, or what would be the real meaning for me. I decided to take the literal route towards it and aimed my hours research on “new power resources” Mez suggested that I should look into Willhelm Reich and Nikola Teslas work. I havent got a clear idea on what I want to do, Im not even sure if I want to base my work on power resources,  I will start researching these names and see if they can influence my idea.

Our second obstruction for this piece is that it needs to last 1 minute and 30 seconds long EXACTLY!