My initial idea to start with is to look into power resources. I would like to create an extremely short piece about finding a new resource that can help power the world because personally I think we are lacking in energy sources. I first came up with this idea over summer when we had to produce a work book of idea’s when Philip was still organising this module.

So the idea is…

A man dedicates his lifetime by creating a new source out of empty water bottles that will help power the world. In order to fund this 100% full proof project,  he has to get approval from the higher cooperation. He finds himself in a spot of trouble because the whole point of the project is to make life much easier because of his unlimited resource. However the “big cats” of the company’s see this idea as yet another money-making scheme for themselves. The man who has spent his lifetime on this project eventually dies- thus not making it worthwhile. I think the idea stages power in many ways.

It’s a bit morbid.