I’m having trouble visualizing and taking my idea into action so I thought I’ll change it. I really do like the original idea but with the lack of help, skills and time I really doubt that I will finish it to a good standard that I want.

So a new idea?

Over the research for this power piece, I have found that “the power to influence” could really become a strong idea. I have realized that in many motives are based upon being influenced or mimicked from others. Personally I think that the easiest beings to manipulate are children. Children learn from adults and peers. As Chomsky suggested Children are born as “Blank slates”  The Blank Slate states that the mind is clear of ideas and beliefs and that it is molded by the environment and experiences it encounters.

So for me, I would like to create a short powerful piece about how children can mimic exact behaviors of their parents. It would be best to use real actors but seeing as I have not been CRB checked and I have no contact with any younger children, I will have to research other ways to produce this piece.