Even though I have yet to finish this piece, I had really good feedback because the group understood that I had spent a lot of time and effort getting to that point. I managed to provoke the reaction I wanted even though I didn’t have any voice overs on top. I wanted this piece to be light humored but still offer a serious tone to it.

I’ve had some great response and ideas to take this idea into further action if I wanted to. For example giving each of the character names, and making my own series of sketch shows. I think I should do this if I have spare time because “claymation” is really interesting to make but for me, I found it tedious.

Overall, I think I could have done this better. The frame rate is far too slow and gives it a jerky effect which makes it less impressive compared to some stop motion that I have seen before. I do like the fact that I have used moving backgrounds for some of the sections. I think it makes it more realistic.