So my Mum gave  me a call earlier to say that my little cousin Hollie wasn’t settling in at Nursery and that sparked up a conversation about when I first went to Nursery. My Mums said I was a really troubled toddler that suffered night terrors so would always cling onto her for dear life whenever possible. I think it’s amazing how little pieces of information can trigger off your memory and make everything flood to you.

So heres what I think is my first memory. EVER.

I remember, being woken extra early from my routine.
Very tired
Wearing a checkered dress
Sitting on my Mums lap in the car
Knowing I was going to Nursery but not wanting to go
My Mum drawing a watch on my wrist – the hands  pointing 12 o clock
And waiting
And waiting
Seeing Mum again

It’s funny how I can’t remember anything from that day, except for small details, but thinking about them pieces a story together so easily. I’d LOVE to make this into a real piece.