Amnesiacs given computer games to play went on to dream about them – even though they could not actually remember playing them.Their experiences have given scientists clues as to the way the body uses sleep to store away memories for future use.Volunteers – including five people with no ability to store long-term memories – were asked to play the classic game Tetris. This involves rotating different shaped blocks as they fall so they will fit into gaps left below.Many of the volunteers reported that they actually dreamed about the game the following night, seeing images of blocks falling and rotating The amnesiacs had no actual memories of playing ame when asked the following morning and, unlike their normal colleagues, never improved their game-playing skills from day to day.

I think this is a really exciting out break, it just goes to show that the human mind is always developing and here to surprise us about ourselves in so many new ways. I thought this article was interesting because my Grandad suffers from amnesia, so witnessing the deterioration second hand makes me even more curious about Memory.