I was thinking more into how I want to merge still images in with moving and I figured I could hand draw pictures into it and make another form of stop motion. (Ya know, to keep the idea going)

I found some really amazing videos on Youtube.

Its sort of a mini portfolio/show reel of what he has create. I really like it because it looks really Disney, I think there is a combination of actually cutting out pictures that he drew bit by bit so he didn’t have to redraw the background over and over again. Some of the sketches are really artistic and kudos to him spending so much time on it.

This video is something similar to what I want to do because it incorporates a hand in there which gives it the ‘realness’ factor. I think this idea is quirky because it uses objects such as a pen etc to bring the animation to life. However this is a much slower paced one.

Looking through all these videos, I’ve started to have doubts about drawing my own images, if I had enough time I would really like to use hand drawn images but I don’t I think I’ll need to rethink my idea.