Todays lecture was basically about how research is DEADLY important when it came to producing our own artefact’s. All the research that we did had to be documented and also reflected upon in order to obtain a good mark for the first terms work. I feel that I’ve tried to document it but I don’t think I have reflected on them or link them to my artefact’s as much as I could do.

During this lecture we got introduced to the film ‘No Country For Old Men’ by the Cohen Brothers. I have never seen this film before because I was naive enough to think “I don’t like the Western genre so why should I bother?” after seeing parts of the film, I have learnt that I should really open up and watch films that I don’t usually watch. I think that it could really help me develop my own personal influences and give me more creative ideas because to be fair, people do take from other peoples work if they feel that it’s inspirational right?

Here is the trailer for the film. I don’t think the trailer does the cinematography justice. When we watched it in the lecture, I was blown away by how well it was shot and put together.

The Cohen Brothers are known for planning EVERYTHING so they would never go over budget. This is a really good lesson to learn in time for my final project. – Must document everything-

Also in todays lecture, we were told to explore other types of influences other than our own. It doesn’t always have to be media related. Poems, art, history can still influence and inspire your work as a person. So with that, I went to explore some of my own influences.