After the lecture about Research, I sat back and thought about what really influences me. I tried to think about thing’s that weren’t necessarily related to media. I personally know myself enough to see that I can be heavily influenced quite easily. Throughout my life, it’s always been “so and so has done that, I want to do it to” I guess this is probably why I find it difficult to stick to one thing at a time, I like creating new things or changing ideas because it makes me feel as though I have learnt more.

I think this way would be easier to explain how I get influenced. Take this for example “What do I want to be when I grow up”

As a toddler I remember wanting to be a a teacher because I was influenced by Miss Patel. I remember her being really happy and pretty so I guess that’s probably what I wanted to be. My young thought processes obviously weren’t logical.

Possibly a year later, I wanted to be an astronaut. I think this was we went on a school trip to a space/science planetarium and I was amazed by the stars and simulations.

Few more years later, I realized spaceman- ship wasn’t my cup of tea, I decided I wanted to be a famous pop star instead. This was when Spice Girls came out and I thought they were AMAZING ( I still do)

Later on, I personally thought I could never be a pop star, I didn’t have the “look” or “talent”  so then I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. I think one of my close friends influenced me because we use to watch the program Ally McBeal.  We actually got sucked into it so much that we watched it religiously and quoted from it ALL the time. This seemed like a an actual choice for me because I was so excited by the thought of being a lawyer that I didn’t feel the need to change my career path until I had to do work experience. I did it in Wolverhampton crown court, and it put me off for life.

So then came YouTube, I found so many videos that inspired me – thus making me chose “Media production” for my degree. I specifically remember this chap – “lassegg”

His work was truely inspirational, he was a student at the time studying the same course as I do now, I found his work quirky and fun. Despite I didn’t understand the language he spoke, I found that his work was universally accepted which is a good quality to have.

I was so impressed with his work, I decided I wanted to be a film maker. This choice hasn’t changed since 🙂

So overall, it shows that I can be heavily influenced by people, music and new things that I encounter. I think that to you can be influenced by practically anything and changing my mind all the time hasn’t been too bad, it allows you to finally realize what you really want to do, and it gives you the widest range of skills ever.