This module has taught me a lot about myself and how I tend to work, I feel that I have actually developed in terms of skills and confidence. I’ve always thought that I lacked the ability to do most things independently because I was  not confident on some aspects such as editing or doing things out of comfort zone. The module has taught me that I do have the ability, and that I can be self sufficient.  I have used this term to push myself into things that I have never tried before and it’s made me stronger in terms of technique and personality.
I have created three videos surrounding the topics spectacle, power and memory. All three of my videos are pretty different compared to one another. They pin point exactly what I have learnt this term, Adobe photo shop, Flash, Premier pro etc. Even though two of my projects have been still imaged based, I have realised that  there is a form of animation in all the videos that I have produced. I am now vastly interested in animation and I would love to integrate these skills into my final degree show. It would be interesting to go further into using chroma key, computer generated effects and other types of “animation” This also allows me to push the boat out and learn more between now and next term.
In my opinion, all three of my videos have turned out well eventually, they are clear, concise and mostly how I visualised them. I think that I have met all the obstructions in my own way also. I think the weakest out of the three is my Spectacle piece, I found that it didn’t flow as well as the others. I also think that I didn’t really create a “spectacle” because it didn’t shock my peers which was the initial idea. If I had time to re-do it in the future, I would edit more pictures to fix the flow and I would probably incorporate more moving footage into it to make it more effective and interesting for the audience. Another criticism of pretty much all my work is that I still don’t think that it is creative enough. This lesson has taught me that I should really create something less mainstream for my final degree project.
Regardless of my personal criticisms, I am very pleased with a lot of things given the time that we had for each production. My idea generation, the piecing of my videos, and the feedback that I get for them have always been a breath of fresh air despite sometimes not finishing in time, or when technical errors pop up. I’ve also realised a lot of my influences come from my peers, it has helped a lot to see other peoples ideas because I can adapt them and make them my own. I’ve also found that my previous knowledge from my A -levels have come in handy, and not a waste of 2 years of my life.
So, overall? I have learnt that evidencing your development, research, influences and ideas are a must have. I’ve also learn that jumping into the first initial idea is always wrong and that my time management needs to be more on track. This will all help my final year piece when I have learnt to grasp them fully. For the final piece, I’d love to create something to do with spectacle, I find that through my research there is a lot that you can do that can be spectacular. I think this term has allowed me to realise what I can branch out into.