In todays lecture, Steve showed us some of the third year final projects to give us a taste of what we need to aim for. We were shown 2 projects.


We got to see the trailer for this, the person that made his created  a point that the budget was £45. Without knowing this beforehand I thought the quality of the trailer was really high, the sound was clear/crisp and you instantly knew it was a trailer. The props, composition, editing was aesthetically pleasing.  Fast paced and seriously top quality. It would have been good to see something as good of this quality from a Coventry Uni student in all honesty.

We then got shown a short film by a Coventry student, I feel sorry for whoever made this because it got ridiculed by myself and my peers. I wonder if he knew that it was being broadcast to show us the “low” end of the scale? “Dancing shoes” was an okayish idea but it got dragged down by basically every aspect.

Sound quality was poor – the volumes werent mixed properly and there was an occasional crackle. I personally thought it disturbed the flow.

Editing was poor – it didn’t seem to fit well together, there were some really obvious shots that basically got blended together which made it look really beginner. Also the part where she went to audition, it was really really cheesy. I would have expected more for a third year production

Script was poor – It was typical ghetto language. It sounded improvised “OMGAHHH THOSE SNEAKS ARE WELL BLING INIT”

Those were the main things really, other things were that it had sections in it that didn’t drive the narrative, it could have been cut out. They didn’t bother to make even a tiny effort when choosing their locations. etc. Dancing shoes made me feel way better about my abilities. Thanks Steve!