Following the fantasy route, me and Sarah have decided to follow one of the main ideas I came up with. Tree people! Basically our idea follows loneliness and relationships. Involving a man losing his dog but finds something more meaningful. The story needs developing more but I am glad we are going through this route because I would love to see how it all plans out.

Some of my other ideas are

– Instructions for life

I have a poster that consists of a series of instructions that offer ways to improve and live your life. Looking at it, I thought of some ways I could produce an idea round it. For example, if there was an accidental typing error on the poster, that led to some mis fortunate or fortunate scenarios. Maybe the person could find themselves living a better life without having to obey strict rules.

– Lost it?

A drama that follows the life of a middle aged woman that had it all, a big comfortable home, a loving husband, healthy intelligent children and everything she had always wanted, everything was perfect. When suddenly an accident happens that causes her to not only lose her memory, but loses everything she had worked hard at getting. Officially a blank slate, she finds that there are more things to life than being a housewife.

– Clothes line

A short short film involving clever camera trickery and goofy puns. Visually, it’d be a clothes line, with people dressed up as items of giant items of clothing. We would get to listen in on their conversations. I think this idea would be interesting to film and produce.

– Jump

A happy rom-com involving a man who is just about to jump of a high building to escape from his miserable mundane life when he manages to jump into a pretty ladies landing with just a small bump. He figures its love at first sight and has found something to live for.

I’m always thinking and evolving ideas, I think it would be best to develop a few ideas and eventually stick to one.