I just came across this site, and it gave me another idea that would be do able within the time constraints.


“Have you ever wanted to spend a day in the life of a dog (think Tom Hanks in Big, but obviously with a dog)?  Not quite there but a good substitute is the Pets Eye View Camera. It’s a small camera that attaches to your pets collar and lets you see things from their level.  Watch them prod around, chase cats, eat sausages, sniff nether regions (not recommended) and spy on their every move.  If you have a naughty cat or dog the Pets Eye View Camera is great for catching their antics.”

This is a camera that you attach to your dogs collar, it allows you to set a timer on it allowing you to to download the images to see where your pet went and what they have been up to.

I think that this is a very clever idea that would make an interesting basic concept for a story. A while ago, in one of the seminars, Mez voiced her opinion on how taking photographs removes the memory aspect of everyday life, photographs replace memories, so you won’t get to reminisce them because you were most likely the one taking pictures rather than being in the occasion. What would be interesting for an idea is, what if it did happen? what if we as human beings, walked around everyday with a camera strapped round our necks to take pictures of what we did?

It would also be interesting to bring in the concept of our ever evolving technology to the foreground, software such as photoshop can help us to lie, or improve our images just as we tend to enhance things with own mind.

I don’t know if this  makes sense…