Finally! a candidate for Coventry Conversations that I personally felt excited for. It was interesting to see that my peers didn’t think the same. Only a handful of us turned up for his Masterclass so he could help us improve our ideas. I guess it was a win win situation because it gave us more of a one on one experience. With many of us coupled up as groups, it helped me and Sarah a lot!

We got handed a list of popular series he has written scripts for, I didn’t realize how much work he had done. It was really impressive and truly an eye opener for all of us. He seemed genuinely interested in all of our projects but I think he paid more attention to ours because it was more his forte which was excellent seeing as we need all the help we can get at this point.

He came across many points in mine and Sarahs pitch. One main one that stood out was why does it have to be a serious drama? could it have a more comedic value to it? and what would our tree creatures be like visually? This workshop opened up a lot of opportunities to change, and re think our idea. I learnt that it was better to hear other peoples opinions on the matter, rather than to struggle between the both of us, and unable to figure out what would be best for us. I found that it easy for other people to see the obvious ideas that I couldn’t see at all because I was so transfixed in it being my idea, and that if I wanted it to develop, I would have to eventually let go of the idea in order for it to blossom into something much more.

It was a  truly fascinating experience, his quirkiness comes naturally and you can tell he loves his job because it is something he enjoys. We also got a hold of his email address as well which I am pleased with. Another contact to add to the list 🙂