Final Project Idea

Short fantasy drama. Nathan has lost his dog, so goes around the woods nailing missing posters to lampposts and trees. He comes across a big, old tree, and as he starts nailing a poster into the tree when a magical door appears in the tree trunk, which leads him into a magical world inside the tree. A family of 4 live inside the tree, do they live here? Why do they exist? What do they do? Nathan goes through a journey of understanding the importance of the world and those around him.

This drama must be fast paced and well directed as this is what is common in the fantasy genre of those that we’ve looked at i.e. Avatar, Bridge to Terabithia, Doctor Who, Merlin, Being Human.


How much is your final video going to cost?

  • Actors – 1 main character, 4 ‘tree people’ drama department, the internet, drama schools in Coventry. EXPENSES ONLY
  • Travel – drivers, public transport  DEPENDING ON WHERE THEY TRAVEL FROM
  • Food – buy food for those involved in the production £80
  • Set – need a room, materials – trees etc £25 BARK £10 THREE LITRES OF PVA GLUE £30 TREES £25 HAMMOCK MATERIAL
  • Location – room to build inside of the tree set, a wood/forest in Coventry & ask for filming permissions UNIVERSITY ROOM FREE, COMBE ABBEY
  • Make up and Prosthetic –Georgia Picton will be making the tree peoples masks – pay for materials. £10 PER MASK = £40 + £20 FOR LABOUR
  • Props and Costumes – missing posters, nails, hammer, make own costumes out of potato sacks and materials for tree people, main characters clothes £30 COSTUME MATERIAL
  • Composer – Already know various people who are on a music course.FREE
  • Green Screen – chroma key paint or material, paint brush £40-£80
  • Equipment & extra crew – loan shop for camera, lighting, sound equipment. Crew – ask fellow peers we have worked with before FREEDV Tapes

Primary budget = £340

Rough Budget = £400 including expenses


Does your project involve logistical difficulties? For example, getting large numbers of people or large amounts of kit to a difficult location?

The main logistical difficulty that firstly comes to mind is being able to green screen and CGI efficiently, as we are not particularly skilled in this area. We may need to arrange some skills instructions lessons on this matter, or hire somebody to do so for us.

Not being able to drive gives the difficulty of getting large amounts of kit into the location. Other members of the crew we have in mind can, so we will be relying on them to help us with this.

Pre-production – Script, storyboard, shooting schedule, location permissions, call sheets, contribution permissions, shot lists, risk assessments, all character design drawings, lists of who is involved in the production – contact numbers etc.

Technical Resources

Does the production of your video require technical resources that you or your university doesn’t have? If so, where will you get them from? Where will you learn how to use them? Can you think of alternatives?

Being competent in Adobe After Effects for use of the green screen and CGI. Already own the software so we can look at online tutorials and books to help with the learning and development process.

Human Resources

Do you need people with greater technical knowledge than your group possesses? Do you need actors? Where will you get them from and will you need to pay them? Do you need the help of outside organisations? Who and where are they?

We feel that between us we have efficient technical skills and knowledge for what is needed from us. However, we will need extra crew members to help when it comes to shooting.

Actors will be needed. There is one main character position that will need filling with an actor of whom we will pay for.  We will hold auditions for this part, and we will begin by looking at the drama department in the university.

4 others will be needed for to form the family of ‘tree people’ but as their faces are covered and are not a speaking part, they will just need to have the figure we are looking for. I.e. tall and slim.

We will need to approach organisations if we were to fundraise to help finance our project. We will look local businesses and organisations for this.

Experience and Ability

Do you have, among your group, the necessary experience and ability to realise the idea properly? All of the group should know the kit you will be using inside out, even at this early stage of production.

Everybody has necessary experience in the kit we will be using. Sony Z5s &tripod, lighting, sound (boom microphone)


Is it possible to produce the idea in the given timescale? If not, how can you amend the idea to make it more likely that you can? What can you be doing to speed the process up?

It is possible to produce the idea in the timescale, ensuring that we start straight away on what needs to be completed and worked upon i.e. sets, locations, costumes etc. To ensure production runs smoothly we need to be incredibly organised, and know what we are doing at all times. Decisions cannot be lingered upon and they must be made straight away, otherwise this will hinder production.


What are you going to output the final video onto? How will it be distributed?

For this kind of production, the internet is the best way to distribute content. As various channels will be made i.e. YouTube, Twitter, Website and blog. We feel that this is now the best way to distribute such content because of the interactivity and the multimedia age.

This is now a common occurrence with newly produced dramas – for example,Girl Number 9 and Lonely Girl 15Quarter Life – A new MySpace TV exclusive.


  • The making of documentary
  • Sculpture
  • Mini trailers
  • Advertisement – posters, website, Twitter etc.