Went over to Sarahs house to discuss some character designs for our tree people. I really like this part of the process because it gives our idea more of a solid form compared to random ideas flying about. I got down to sketching some initial ideas to discuss with Sarah whilst she sorted out some paper work.

It feels that I have taken more of the visual roles in the aspects of our final production, and Sarah has taken on the paper work. I think this works out really well because we are strong in what we do, and we enjoy it. This makes us a really good team because we can work in our own pace because we know what direction we are heading.

Here are some ideas I sketched out first.

I drew inspiration from things I’ve seen and African tribal characters. I personally think it would be interesting for the characters to look like tiny cave people that lived in trees. After sketching these designs, we decided on some of out favorites so I could animate them to make them look more life like. I used Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop to produce these and I think they came out really well especially because I am new to using these programmes.