Today, I have researched into ways we could used special effect to enhance our idea. I think it would be a good call to look at ways in which we can place the tree creature inside the tree. Many films have used this idea of shrinking characters to make them smaller. For example:

Honey, I shrunk the kids

The borrowers

and…Big Cook Little cook

I think that if we successfully accomplished  this technique, it would make our final project stand out. I think that it would add to the fantasy effect surrounding it as well because a variety of size is often use to establish the conventions of fairy tale. E.G. giants and goblins.  I have found a few good tutorials on how to achieve this effect and I have looked into forums that describe the basic technique in how to do it. I think that this is achievable but I do have some doubts on how well we could possibly do it. suggests:

“Shoot the poeple you want to change (make smaller or larger etc) in front of the green screen. Make sure you evenly light the screen, and have some backlighting on the subjects to seperate them from the screen.

Load the two into Vegas as seperate video tracks, with the green screen track above the background track. Right-click on the greenscreen track and select Video FX, then choose the Chroma Keyer filter. When this loads, choose Green Screen from the top drop-down.

This is whne you learn the sad truth – consumer DV is shite for keying. You will find that because of the way DV compresses the image, it is very difficult to extract a clean mask.

Something like after effects is a much better choice, especially with with the Keylight keyer or DV Garage’s own keyer, DVMatte. Otherwise you need multiple layers of masks and blurs egdes to really get a nice clean key.”

Here is another video I have looked at that teaches you how to do apply this effect