Sarah linked me to this video earlier :-

This film short is truly amazing, I am so so so impressed with the concept and how well the idea has come across. There are so many things I adore about this that I can’t pick fault at it.You can tell that it was carefully thought out and a lot of time has been spent to perfect it.

I really enjoy the fact that their is no dialog in this short, I thought that the heavy music really brought out the darkness of the film, at first I felt uncomfortable watching it, it was basically an old man coming out of a closet to take a small girl out. I also like the fact that it didn’t need an explanation, as to why he was taking her, or how it was possible. I guess that is the idea of fantasy dramas, it allows you to dream up whatever you want without needing to justify why or how. The genre allows you to be as adventurous as you want because they are the key features.

This has made me start to think about sound, and how I want a good soundtrack for the final piece. I realize that sound is just as important as the visuals so I will try and hopefully find composers that can help with the track.

Visually, the tree in “Bad is as bad does” is astounding. The way in which the tree changes within season depicts time perfectly and it looks breath taking. It would be interesting to draw inspiration from this piece.

I have also noticed that this short film was also filmed in a pre made set, not much gets changed other than a few of the colour schemes that can easily be changed with carefully selected plants and the focus is on the season of the tree so it offers a clear insight into it. This film has driven me more towards the direction of designing our own set for the film!