Things have turned around big time. Sarah suggested today that we should scrap the whole idea of having creatures living in the tree. It practically is the same idea except for instead of a tree, its a house, and instead of a tree creature, its a wrinkly old man.

I have voiced my opinions and she knows that I don’t feel keen on the new idea. The good points about this idea is that it still follows the same moral ideologies that we are trying to put across, however I feel that it could just be a simple way out to avoid having to do special effects. I think that if we were to change this idea, it also would not be the same fantasy drama idea we both intended on doing from the start. It is something that we are both very passionate about and I think it is an excellent chance to explore this genre to give us some useful experience.

I think its best for me to carry on researching ideas and tutorials on how to achieve these special effects to reassure Sarah. We are both hitting walls with this idea but I think that the easy way out is never the best option.