We are a little bit further with our project, we have spent most of our time and effort working out a proper budget after yesterdays seminar because it was pointed out that a lot of budgets that have been made already are not “realistic” so we have tried out best to figure out every aspect of our project in order to form a realistic total.

I think that a lot of people have had unrealistic budget lists but to be fair, I and a lot of people have never done a budget list before, therefore it was a new idea to is, and we were unsure about the concept. I guess this teaches us that we need to be organised and we need to be prepared in order to make sure we don’t over spend.

Me and Sarah have decided that we would each fund our project out of our own pockets, I work part time so I have no problem with this and we also have a bursary coming through soon so that can also go towards the final project

Still surprisingly excited!