Today we went location spotting! Special thankyou to Catherine Povey for driving me and Sarah to our locations.

We began the journey by following the wrong route on the Sat Nav which was helpful,this delayed time, and we only managed to go to one of the locations that we had planned for (Ryton Pools Country Park – CV8 3BH) We also did not realize how cold the weather was, so we were pretty shivery and miserable – well I was anyway.

Arriving at the destination seemed like a great idea, we saw what we thought was a dense forest of trees, however our views changed when we only saw random rows of trees which was not what we were looking for. It was a lovely park, however it was not what we were looking for, so we quickly decided that it was not what we were looking for. I did use this time to do some quick research on tree textures, visual colours for the costume and also general ideas on how we could decorate the set.

This park was nice and relaxing, it was very family orientated and had lots of adventure styled activities for children. If we used this location, it would have been a problem because of the background noise.

I also used this time to experiment with loneliness and relationships, which is one of the key themes that will run throughout our project.

I felt a sense of achievement today 🙂