Sarah showed me some of the people that have applied  for our a film. I was quite amused at some of the replys we back from the call out, we had people that obviously did not read the requirements properly. I am very pleased that we have sparked up an interest in our production!

In other news, I’ve adjusted the poster further:-

After making it clear that we were not actually going to pay the actors to work I changed it slightly. I first thought the “paid work” factor would draw people in. It was then decided that  it would be best to replace personal numbers with an email address. (

After printing this copy out, we decided that the email address so with a some final adjustments, here is officially the final casting poster!

I’m not going to lie, I think the poster looks bold and eye catching! I also think that it offers enough information without revealing t o much of it. Hopefully this poster will spark some form of interest and add extra applicants to what we already have. Now that we have sent out for auditionees, we next have to start booking a room for auditions!