I’ve been ill for  a few days and honestly did not fancy doing the critique just encase I threw up in front of everyone. However I didn’t want to leave Sarah on her own to fend. I think the critique went very well, I usually find myself struggling in presentations because I get nervous a lot. It went better than I thought, mainly because we planned a lot and made sure we could answer any questions thrown at us. I also think it was better because me and Sarah are able to bounce of off each other which really helped with my confidence during the presentation.

The critique allowed us to gain new feedback for our idea, and gave us more to think about in regards to our production. Some of the main points that me and Sarah are now considering is the age of the character Nathan, the tree costume and also the locations.

Originally during casting, we were looking for male actors above the age 0f 18. I don’t think we really made a concious dicision to why we chose this requirement, I think that we just visualised the character a certain way and went along with it. We are now considering looking for a younger child actor, it will give our piece a more whimsical magical feel, and I think it would work very well. This also brings up a problem. – working with children means we need to sign up for certain paperwork such as CRB checks etc. This also affects our budget as we will have to pay for us and the crew in order to work with children. I will also do some research into subject.

Secondly, the tree costume also seems to be a problem. There was nothing wrong with the character design. The problem lied within how we were going to make it achievable? It was suggested that Richard, the fashion design student we contacted would probably have had no experience in making a tree costume. We would need prosthetic specialist to help us achieve the design that we wanted.

Finally, with us filming on set and with British weather being unpredictable, attention was brought onto “what if it rains?” we have decided to rearrange the seculed around to allow us to reshoot if need be.

I think todays session has been really helpful and that it has made me realize how supportive everyone can be when it comes to our projects.