Today me and Sarah sat down to sift through all the applicants that applied for the role of the tree creature.  We had a lot to chose from but we had to be really picky about what we wanted and what we were looking for. We decided that it would be best to invite the applicants that lived closer to us because this would mean there would be more of a chance that they would come along for the first auditions. We also looked at all the actresses show reels to spot the talented ones from the weaker ones. I found this process long and tedious because nobody seemed to jump out at me.

Now that I picked the ones that seemed appropriate for our production piece, Sarah will begin to email the applicants to inform them whether or not they have made the first stage of auditioning!

I’m trying really hard not to get worried about time limits at this point. I know personally that if I start to worry, it will affect my quality of work. It is really difficult to not compare ourselves to other groups, I need to understand that everybody is working at different paces.