Special thanks to Jo for linking us up with the EGO performance company. Sarah has contacted them and they seem very keen and interested to help us find our Nathan, it feels like we finally have some luck with our casting. Corinne Emerson from the performance group has arranged a meeting with us. Unfortunately Sarah can not attend this meeting due to other commitments.

I personally didn’t find this arrangement to appealing to begin with, but figured it was some real industry experience, and I had to get use to it sooner or later so I agreed to go on my own.

To calm my nerves down, I compiled a list of things to do to so I would be fully prepared for any questions that were fired at me. I also looked into the EGO company’s website so I understood fully what their work involved and how it could help our final production.

http://www.egoperformance.co.uk/ (here is a link to their website if any of you have trouble casting for younger roles)

‘EGO Company members and project participants; increase their confidence and self-esteem through the participation, and the development of skills, in performing arts. Our work encourages communication and learning across generations as well as exposing our members to the diversity within our community. EGO is committed to working with young people involving children and young people in the whole process of creating work and ensuring they have a say about issues that affect them as individuals and collectively, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society.’

Bring it on!