There was a lot of commotion happening in the common room yesterday. Me and Sarah overheard the loan shop was going to be shut over the Easter Holidays so basically the equipment had to be loaned on a first come first serve basis. As me and Sarah were planning on filming during the first week of the Easter holidays, we had to really get in there quick. The loan shop required a tutors signature in order to use the equipment.

As we did not have the list of equipment that we needed on hand, we went today and managed to get most of the equipment that we needed except for the SQN sound mixer. This could compromise the quality of the sound in our final production but if any problems occur, I am completely certain we would be able to solve and overcome any problems during post production editing.

We are definitely lucky to be able to get the equipment especially because everybody is also trying to get them. I think what is most important is that we got the JVC 700 and the tracking dolly. We really did need these for the cinematic approach that we are aiming for.

We could have avoided this problem if we kept to the schedule that we originally planned, but some things got out of our own hands such as casting etc.