This morning, I got up stupidly early to make sure I was ready to meet Corinne and the rest of the group. I turned up at the Transport Museum 20 minutes earlier than I should of and I think I managed to slip into some photos from the Observer newspaper. It got to 10′ o clock so I was a bit more wary of the people around me. It sunk in that I had no idea what Corinne looked like and she had no idea what I looked like so I felt a bit panicky in case she didn’t see me. Fifteen minutes passed, and I figured she either forgot she was suppose to meet me or I was in a completely wrong destination. Sarah was unable to answer my calls so I couldn’t ask for Corinnes number. I decided it was best for me to ask the Transport museum staff.

Corinne had finally arrived, she was extremely friendly and helpful so I felt instantly at ease. She introduced me to her co worker George and then I met Lewis. Lewis was the only one that fitted the description we wanted which was tall and thin. He was also friendly and confident and Corinne reassured me that he could act.

We all sat down as I went through the script with him and made sure he fully understood what the requirements were. I also asked about CRB checks because Lewis was only 14, and Corinne said that because there was going to be an adult with him it should be fine. I took a head shot so I would be able to show Sarah when we next had a meeting.

I think that the meeting went really well, I managed to over come my nerves easily and I think I came across professional because I wanted to be a good representative for Coventry University. I successfully answered the questions and I think that I would easily be able to do this whole situation again! Best of all, Lewis seems really keen on being our Nathan after reading the script! He has never done film before but I have no doubts in him what so ever.

I feel a self sense of satisfaction.