Today consisted of waiting around, highs, lows and awkward moments. Our first auditonee was due at 2.15pm, me and Sarah thought it would be wise to turn up earlier in order to prepare ourselves, set up a camera to capture the auditions and reflect upon at how far we have come and how it finally felt like we were getting somewhere.

We thought we would have plenty of time today, however a meeting for the final degree show filled up most of our time so in the time following up, I personally felt rushed and flustered. With time being short, a sandwich in hand, we bumped into Phil who was kind enough to give us some direction and tips in regards to the auditions.

Some of the main advice he gave us was to

  • Exchange information about ourselves as well as pay an interest towards them
  • Ask them to perform the same task in a different manner – if theres no difference, they’re no good.
  • Be confident, and know the characters well
  • Take your time  so it won’t make them feel like they wasted their time
  • don’t reveal any casting information

Philips advice made me less nervous as I felt more prepared than I was, I had already written a few guidelines in a book to follow so I would try my best to not be sidetracked, and Sarah had printed paperwork so I knew who was coming, at what time and some information about them.

Our first actress came earlier than expected so we had to quickly compose ourselves from the mundane waiting around that seemed like forever. I found that the first audition process was similar to pulling a plaster off – Quick and painful. I think what made it so awkward was our inexperience, and her lack of talent and understanding. There were times when she couldn’t follow instructions at all. Upon reflection, it sunk in – what if they were all at that level?

Our second auditionee was much better, we tried a different approach and she understood what we wanted from her pretty much immediately. It was fascinating to see such a range in a professional actor that it was hard not to compliment her. She was also the right stature for our character, and she was also very keen on the part.

However, when something good happens, there always seems to be something that happens to knock us out of our flow. Our final actress was really good also until she realized she came all the way from Nottingham just to remember she would not be able to make the shooting dates. She started ranting, f-ing and bleeping at us, I honestly did not know how to respond to it so I thought the best way was to reassure her.

Overall, I think the audition process went well despite the lack of auditionees. I felt that as the day went by, I improved my technique and I felt I gained a lot of practice when it came to directing. This will help towards the shoot as I am the designated director. Me and Sarah have decided which actress we would like so Sarah will hopefully contact everyone soon to tell them whether they made it or not.

Oh and heres our set up:-