After Fridays auditions, me and Sarah both knew who we would definitely want for our final tree creature. Sarah got in contact with her pretty much straight away to inform her about her successful application. Sadly she replied with the following:

Unfortunately, I have a schedule conflict with your proposed shooting schedule. I have been cast in a London stage production that begins rehearsals on the 4th for 5 sundays and offers me both the opportunity of garnering a London agent and also is being adjudicated for further production. I’m really sorry as I was truly unaware of the conflict when last we spoke. I’d be keen to do your project but I recognize what a hassle re arranging would propose.

Sincerely, Kimberly

Once reading this, I felt absolutely disappointed. I do understand that it was a better opportunity for herself, however I felt that it was unprofessional to agree on our verbal agreement and then pull out. Our shooting date is coming up quick and all we needed was an actress for our final piece but to no prevail we are back to square one. I personally think that we could easily rearrange by swapping the 2 dates over, however there could be a chance that we can over run the shoot. Also with her hectic schedule, I doubt she would be able to make it back and forth for costume fittings and rehearsals.

We have considered the other auditionees but we both know that they really arent fit for our production. We have decided to carry on searching for our Human Tree via casting sites. A lot of people are helping us by offering contacts that they think fit our tree.

Time is of the essence – we need to work harder.