With Kimberly unable to make the shooting dates, we have gone through many ideas in order to find a solution.  Before even contemplating auditions, I suggested a few people that we know that would be perfect for the part. Amy Sarr and Rachel Woodward. However we thought it would be best to follow the more professional route and find actors the way industry professionals do in order to get maximum experience.

We decided to revert back to the original idea, because we have been struggling to find an actress using casting sites and the actresses that did come for the audition were not sufficient enough to carry of the role. Sarah got in contact with her sister Rachel who has experience in acting as she is part of a drama group, and she has agreed to come over for the weekend that we are shooting.

It will be a tight schedule because I will have to make a costume and keep her up to date with the whole plan. It would be useful as well if we would be able to fit in a rehearsal as well as a meet and greet between her and the EGO performance group.