It has been decided, after being let down over and over again. We decided it would be best for us to create the tree costume ourselves like we intended to. We got help through Nicola who has a contact – Jonny Godson who creates prosthetics for his career. His advice was to use liquid latex to make a bodice, and to get the tree like effect, we could paint the latex over a real tree to get the barky grainy feel that we needed. This also allows us to sew it properly to fit round out tree.

During the same day, I used to purchase the following:-

I ordered it for next day delivery to ensure that we could begin work as soon as possible, however there was a mix up with the orders so they came pretty late. When it did come, me and Sarah did some research on how to use liquid latex as neither of us had experience before. I also got in contact with the council because we were not sure if we had to gain permission to cover a tree in latex. They could not quite understand the concept so I manage to confuse them into saying yes. However, with the weather being so bad lately, it was miserable, cold and rainy which we found was bad conditions for latex as it needed time to dry. We decided to try a patch on my wall to see how long it would dry with a hairdryer. It dried in seconds so we mixed the rest of the materials and began our work.

6 layers of liquid latex after, we were left with the end product. This still needs to be covered in some form of powder in order to give it a grainy matted effect.

I also filmed the whole process on camera, I compressed the full 4 hours into a short little clip to show the process.

We had to carry on pushing ourselves to get most of the costume materials completed in time for our actress to come over the day before out first shoot. It was a very tiring process and I still had to complete the head piece and a mask.  I based my inspiration on this iconic picture of Kate Bush.

I used Sarahs head as a stand, and I back combed the wig that we bought in order to give it a dirty lived in matty effect. It took a long time to back comb it because it was plasticy fiber so it didn’t take hair products as well as human hair. Sarah did not seem too impressed to be fair.

Overall it is starting to come along now, I still need to make a mask out of latex and plastic leaves but I will do it later.

Today has been tiring and frustrating. The smell of latex has filled my head –  I still have a giant piece of latex stuck to my wall that hopefully will peel off.