Today we filmed our second shoot which was suppose to be in several locations in Nuneaton. However, we decided to cut time and money by using different areas of the location we were at. I had arranged with Aimee Spiers prior to this date for her help. With Catherine having to travel back and forth constantly,we felt that it was unfair on her so we definately needed extra help with transport. So an extra thankyou to Aimee for helping us set up, transport, and finally for letting her use her house for one of our locations.

The set up was different today, we learnt from yesterdays mistakes of dropping me off first with all the equipment, I couldn’t possibly have set up in time for the shoot. Sarah decided I would be picked up secondly after with Corrine and Lewis. I think this was a better idea as once we got there, Aimee and Sarah had already set up the equipment for the shoot.  However, we did encounter a minor problem in regards to Nathans bag, so it delayed us a tiny bit. It wasn’t a big problem, we used this spare time to set up other shots that did not involved seeing Nathans bag so this did not effect our schedule. I think we worked very well to overcome any problems that we encountered. We acted in such a professional manor that even I was impressed.

We had no problems in this location, maybe just a few nosy neighbours but we encountered worse in yesterdays shoot. We swiftly packed up all the equipment so we could make out way to Nuneaton town center. Our next problem was Aimees car couldn’t start. This got me a bit worried because we needed two cars because we could not leave Lewis and Corrine anywhere on their own, and we couldn’t split them up into different trips either. Luckily Aimees Dad managed to work his magic – so thankyou Mr Spiers!

We originally wanted to show Nathan in a busy shopping center, but because our shoot was scheduled for the Bank Holiday, it meant that Nuneaton was a ghost town. We quickly overcame this and decided that it would be best to shoot in a different location that was slightly busier. We could film anywhere in Nuneaton because we had got consent beforehand. We decided that the bus station was the most busiest area. I think that we made a correct decision because we got some really nice footage from there.

I think that today ran more soothly than yesterdays shoot as we felt comfortable with each other and also we had a change of locations so it made us feel more excited, we also had extra help which made the whole process a lot more quicker and efficient as Aimee is really good at problem solving and suggesting ideas.