After leaving the editing as late as we could possibly do so, because the new editing suits were closed during the holiday. We needed to use them because we used the JVC 700 cameras to shoot. After more waiting around, we found out that the suits had failed and needed to be repaired. This was a bit crap to be fair, as they were brand new systems that we wanted to edit on, however we also figured out that the basement had macs that had the final cut pro editing software installed on so this was not such a major downfall except they weren’t duel screen surround sound ones that would definitely help when it came to editing our final project.

Today we spent the day importing and separating the good footage from the not so good. We managed to get a nice little rough cut going. I felt that it was really frustrating editing in the basement, with only a few tutorials on how to use final cut, and because we haven’t got the software to practice on, we had to stop start many a time to find some form of tutorial to help us get over problems that we encountered.

Overall, it was fascinating to see all the rushes, but after flicking through them for hours and hours, me and Sarah finally got frustrated and left after sitting down for an agonizing four hours.