Today we spent another large chunk of our lives editing. I’m starting to regret shooting on the jvc because we could have edited at home on other editing software, however I did not want to compromise the quality of it all. We were still stuck on a certain bit where the shots didn’t look right. I personally blame myself as I was the director so all the shots were my ideas. However I finally found a way in which we could crop the footage without losing any quality. This allowed it to be more tighter and I found myself getting chirpier because things were finally going right.

I realized today that I was pretty good at editing because I didn’t mind looking through the footage, and it seemed pleasant to me as I could see everything piece together. This really helped me and Sarah carry on our work. We also finally added some credits in there. It is starting to look professional! All we need to do is tighten everything up, fix sound levels, add sound and colour correct!