Todays interim critique allowed me and Sarah to view our peers work to see how far everyone were at this stage of finishing. I found some of them truly inspiring and beautiful to watch. Some of them got me extremely emotional which I was surprised. By looking at the rough edits, I found that the drama group of this year were on a higher level as last years when I went to the degree show.

Back on track to our showing and feedback, I felt it could have gone a lot worse despite out audio had not seemed to burn properly so we were not able to set the correct ambiance.  A lot of people liked specific parts of our work which I am proud of, such as the tree costume which I think looked really professional. Our peers also thought that it was shot well and looked cinematic.

The constructive criticism has also been noted so me and Sarah can hopefully fix  the problems tomorrow. We need to consider the sound, and also we need to look at how we can make the stop motion fit in without it looking out of place. We also still need to colour correct our piece and fix certain areas where we found a lot of people had laughed at. (which was not the reaction we were hoping for)

Overall a very good session.