Today we finally managed to break away from editing in the uni basement. We were able to use Sarahs flatmates Mac which had final cut express on it which is sufficient for what we needed to do. It was definitely a better area to work in as I found the bright glare in the uni basement made I and Sarah extremely tired. We were also less distracted by individuals that came in to disrupt us a lot. We were also able to work a lot faster as the internet and the processor was faster compared to the devices at uni. We probably could have finished the edit faster than we are currently if we began editing here originally, however this would have clashed with Sarahas flatmates own coursework.

Todays edit was to complete it to a higher standard and address the feedback that we had during yesterdays interim critique. We made a lot of the shots tighter which made it flow better. Reflecting back, I think the only reason why some people laughed at the tree was the cultural differences and also because it was such a different quirky idea, a lot of people did not know what to expect. We have hopefully solved the whole laughing problem by adding ambient music in the background to set the tone, and we also slowed down the tree movement to make it less “comedic” which is not what we were aiming for.

We also decided that we did not need the stop motion section in the final.I thought it was much more sinister in terms of “we don’t know what happens next” sort of flow. I think it works better because during the critique, nobody bought up what happened next, people can assume their own endings which is a good thing in my opinion as we have left it open for own judgement.

The next we thing we addressed was the syncing of the sound with the visuals. Because we had to tighten the visuals up, some of the sound did not sound right so we had to make everything bang on to get the right feel. We then moved on to colour correcting our short. I found it difficult as the tutorials that we looked into, were not very clear so we had a jolly good time working it out. In the end we only corrected some scenes as we felt that it did not need that much of a change. I think people only thought we needed to colour correct it because the projector in the room gave it a weird green tone to it which is not what we have in the footage.

Editing is now completed and all we need to do is burn it on to disc!